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The Rising Star Ventures

The Crowdfunding Platform for Artists - http://therisingstarventures.com
"Not only a crowdfunding site.....But Much More"

The Rising Star Ventures - #1702Sent on 05 February 2017
Special prog Wednesday February 15th, 2017 on #TRSV #Radio Station....
"Be Jazzy!"
24 Hours of #Jazz and #Soul Music .....
The Rising Star Ventures - Merry Christmas - 1609Sent on 25 December 2016
Merry Christmas to you and your Family
The Rising Star Ventures - 1608Sent on 05 December 2016
"The Wolfman" to join #TRSV Team.... The Wolfman is an extraordinary artist whose career spans over four decades and four continents. He started as flute player and then quickly picked up the Saxophone as second instrument back in his hometown Koblenz in Germany.
The Rising Star Ventures - 1607Sent on 26 October 2016
In this issue,.... The very first Artist Interviews ..... Watch and listen to Hannah Vandie and Niara Solarris......
The Rising Star Ventures - 1605Sent on 16 September 2016
Grand Opening Today Friday September 16th, 2016 19:00 UTC
Join us today at 19:00 UTC for the very First Live Show with DJ Seb.... A nice way to chat with your Fav Artists... Aly COOK, Niara SOLARRIS, Tiffany GOW, John SAMSON, Iridaceae Records Singers and much more.....
The Rising Star Ventures - 1604Sent on 02 August 2016
In this issue... TRSV Summer Music Video Challenge, [Webinar] What about your web site...
The Rising Star Ventures - 1603Sent on 30 June 2016
Here is your TRSV newsletter issue
The "Summer Music Video Challenge" Starts yesterday June 29th, 2016.
The Rising Star Ventures - 1602Sent on 02 June 2016
Here is your TRSV newsletter issue
We wanted to let you know we have implemented 2 brand new Features:The TRSV Social Community. A dedicated section for our Partners - Agents, Studio, Radio Stations.....
The Rising Star Ventures - 001Sent on 26 May 2016
Not only a simple Musicians crowdfunding platform..... but much more.... !
TRSV - The Music Industry NewsSent on 22 March 2016
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